I know what a Franchise is, but what is a Franchise Consultant? Here https://www.ifpg.org/franchise-consultant-training/what-is-a-franchise-consultant/ IFPG founder Don Daszkowski explains Franchise Consulting and what a Franchise Broker does in a way that is easy to understand.

Learn how a Franchise Consultant is similar to a Real Estate Broker (agent) in their responsibilities to their client. Franchise Brokers match their clients to the perfect franchise just as Real Estate Brokers match their clients to their perfect homes. The Franchise Consultants client also has many Franchises to choose from just like there are many different homes the Real Estate Broker can present to their client.

The similarities do not stop there. Similar to when a Real Estate Agent is paid a commission when they match their client to the perfect home, a Franchise Broker is also paid a commission when they match their clients to the perfect franchise. However, a Franchise Broker commission on the sale of a franchise is a much higher percentage than a Real Estate Agent would get on a home. Find out more about that here https://www.ifpg.org/franchise-consultant-training/how-much-can-i-make/

Make sure you watch to the end for an interesting fact about Franchise Buyers.

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