Welcome to the Valenta Franchise Discovery Webinar! We look forward to hosting you. Below you will find your agenda and other important details.

Discovery Webinar Agenda:
3:00 PM – 4:00 PM EST – Discovery Webinar Introduction
▪ Jayesh Kasim, Co-Founder
▪ Richard Nohe, Managing Director US Central
▪ Howard Barouxis, Managing Director US South
▪ Amanda Sadowski, Head of Marketing, North America
▪ Advaith Pai, Head of RPA & AI
▪ Aishwarya Ravindran, Process Consultant
▪ Sanchita Agarwal, Head of Service Delivery
▪ Nishal Purba, Head of Business Operations
Discovery Webinar Closing Remarks/Q&A

Follow Up
Your Managing Director will be in touch to follow up with you, answer any additional questions and outline next steps.


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