Not happy in your current career? Looking to do something entrepreneurial but don’t know where to start? Well, maybe this is the inspiration you need to build something HUGE!

Laura Spaulding is a former police officer who was ready to forge her own future. Using the experience, knowledge and insight she got working undercover, she decided to start her own business focused on cleaning up crime scenes, meth houses and a host of other environmental hazards that many of us don’t have the stomach for.

Laura walks us through how she decided on her business path, how she financed, and how she came to realize that the real opportunity was in expanding it through franchising. But, it hasn’t all been rainbows and teddy-bears — franchising has created a whole host of challenges that Laura has had to tackle in order to continue to grow and expand her business.

And grow her business she’s done! Entrepreneur Magazine recently ranked Laura’s company as of the Top 10 new franchises, and Spaulding Decon has been at the forefront of the Coronavirus cleanup business across the US over the past 6 weeks.

If you’ve ever thought about creating your own franchise system from the ground up, this is the episode for you. Michelle tells us how it’s done, how NOT to do it, how much to expect to pay, and all the good and bad that come with expanding your business nationwide.

If you have a strong stomach, make sure you listen to the end, when Michelle tells us some of her favorite crime scene cleanup stories…

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