Investigator meets Ivan and his crew from – a mobile window tinting company that offers a new concept – tinting your car, boat and even aircraft in ANY place of your choice.
Dmitry needs his Lamborghini Urus re-tinted because previous company didn’t match the color to his privacy needs and this is when Fast Tints came handy. Appointment took place right by Investigator’s office in Downtown Miami.
Fast Tints is the most convenient way to get to get your windows tinted. Whether it is your vehicle, home or business will take care of it like its ours! You can sit back and relax from the comfort of your home or office and know that your windows are being tinted by the best in the business. With over 30 years of experience tinting windows, we conveniently bring you the best products at the best prices!
FastTints™ was founded in 1993 by Ivan Soto, a window tinting expert and entrepreneur. With the advancements of computer controlled laser cutters and computer aided design software; Ivan was able to create a state-of-the-art mobile workstation. He has amassed a database of templates provided by manufacturers to ensure the window film is cut with a precision only the factory can provide. When choosing FastTints™ you have the peace of mind knowing that everything is cut to perfection and most importantly not cut on your car. This minimizes the risk of accidently cutting into the rubber seals and paint of your car. This is why owners of high end exotic cars trust FastTints™ to get the job done fast and without casualty. Following suit, FastTints™ only installs the best window films offered by industry leaders such as 3M, Llumar and Suntek.

FastTints™ also offers commercial and residential window tinting. Why install heat rejecting window tint in your home or office? For the energy savings of course. By installing heat rejection films in your house or place of business you will reap the benefits of its energy savings. Depending on the size of your residence or place of work, you can save hundreds to thousands of dollars annually. The cooler your environment is, the less your air conditioner has to work. Not only are you saving money on power, but also in annual maintenance and repairs to your HVAC systems.

Mr. Soto developed his methodology over 25 years, installing window film on cars, trucks, boats, homes and businesses. Why trust your investment to an amateur? Go with a pro and have the peace of mind knowing you’re getting more than what you paid for.


Owning a Fast Tints mobile franchise provides you with the opportunity to partner with an industry leading team of experts who have successfully disrupted the window tinting industry through a state of the art mobile experience. You will work directly with ownership and learn how to run your own mobile tinting unit, but more importantly learn how to reach profitability fast. Fast Tints is designed to provide you with decades of industry knowledge and know-how on generating leads and revenue to your own start-up Fast Tints business. This lucrative franchise opportunity has many benefits with a huge upside for growth and potential profits.
The franchise opportunity offered is that of a protected territory of less than 10 miles or a population density of 500,000 wherein you can operate your very own Fast Tints. This allows you the opportunity to operate one mobile unit or multiple within one territory or multiple territories acquired through a multi-unit deal.
Fast Tints offers a comprehensive and hands on training plan in-order to ensure that franchisees are 100% equipped with the knowledge, skills and expertise to successfully operate their business. Our multi-faceted training includes hours of hands on training based at the headquarter facility in South Florida. You will also receive on-going training and support to ensure your success.
In a rapidly evolving industry, Fast Tints has a wide clientele from individual customers to exclusive contracts with local car dealerships. The rapid development speaks for itself. If you are looking for a high growth, innovative business venture that an be started at a low cost and be run with a small overhead, then Fast Tints may be right for you.

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